What is a website?

(Hint: It's not what you think.)


I throw people for a loop when I tell them their business does not need a website. And that's coming from me (who design websites for a living). Your business needs a system to find, qualify, and convert customers via the internet. A website is only one piece of that system.

Lucky for you I build all the pieces.

Your website is a transmission medium.

My Philosophy is kinda... weird.

I believe your website is only a conduit.

What do I mean by that?

Here’s an example: Squarespace.

Currently the cost of a beautiful website is $216/year. However, if you contact me, you will find out my price is significantly higher. Why? Because a website is only a medium for transferring information.

Like I said, it’s a conduit. When my clients hire me, they are not purchasing a website, they are purchasing the message the website conveys.


I am an expert in message and tone.

If you hired a sales rep...

Let's pretend you hired a sales rep to cold call for your business, the phone is the medium for transferring information, but what counts is the message and tone of the sales rep using the phone.

Your website is the phone. The content of the website is the message from the sales rep. And the design of the website is the tone.

I am an expert in message and tone.

Squarespace only sells you the phone.

So yes, there are inexpensive web solutions, but they are not what my clients want.

What business owners actually looking for is a button at the end that says “Push To Get More Customers.”

The problem is: that button does not exist.

That is where I come in. For every package I offer, I try to be as close to that button for my clients as possible.


-Jack Funk


I am a real life, "push to get more customers" button.

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